Single Permit Online Application

Information for Applicants and Employers:

This portal is for the submission of applications for Single Work Permit, Blue Card, Intra-Corporate Transferees, Self-Employed and Employment less than 6 months.

These applications may only be submitted online, whereby employer/self-employed applicant logs in using their e-ID credentials and submits the application on behalf of the prospective employee (the Applicant) or himself (for self-employed).

Identità may only proceed with applications where the Applicant is, either still in the country of residence (Still Abroad), or holds legal status in Malta, by means of a valid residence permit or Visa, as specified in the applicable Subsidiary legislation under the Immigration Act (Cap 217 of the Laws of Malta).

The submission of an application through this online portal is not considered as an authorisation to reside in Malta.

Should it ensue, during the due diligence process, that the Applicant does not hold legal status in Malta, the application will be refused, with no recourse to refund.

A residence permit is only valid if it is not expired and provided that the holder still holds the same immigration status for which it was issued. A residence permit ceases to be valid should the holder no longer hold the specific employment detailed on the residence card, including termination or resignation from such employment.

It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure legal status in Malta and to leave Malta should such status be lost. Staying in Malta without a legal status would be in violation of the Immigration Act (Cap 217 of the Laws of Malta).

Online applications are only deemed as submitted, once the Applicant confirms the application details through the link received on the e-mail provided and once the employer submits that application following the Applicant’s approval. An application may only be processed if the information submitted is complete, as per S.L. 217.17 (16).

Applications which are started on the online portal, but which are not submitted in completed form, will not be processed. Applications which are left pending without final submission for longer than two (2) months, will be withdrawn. No refund is applicable in either case.

All applications submitted are subject to a due diligence process carried out by Identità, Jobsplus and the Malta Police Force and the final decision for applications is dependent on the collective outcome of this process.

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